Friday, March 22, 2013

Do you have plans for the weekend?

I wrote this awhile ago.  You may have read it already on an earlier post, but it has risen to the forefront of my thoughts as I traverse this rough ground.

P – Pursue with purpose

L – Let God do his thing

A – Accept change as part of the plan

N – No is an acceptable answer

S – Set your mind on things above

My Angel painted the words to this acrostic and gifted me at Christmas.  Since then they have been displayed in our school room.  After a particularly difficult week, I stood at the kitchen sink weary, teary, tired.  Before me on the window sill sat these words.  I had to look twice. My first reaction was to criticize my own words.  Who was I kidding? 

God gently reminded me that it was His words that He poured into me that afternoon in the van.  He was the one that formed the words. 

It is His plan.

It is not that my plans do not matter, but rather my plans need to be His.  


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