Wednesday, March 13, 2013


“Don’t doubt in the dark what God has already shown you in the light.”

I have spoken these truth words to friends in the middle of life filled with questions. 
Now I sit with questions.  Again. 
God’s Words are life breathing, truth infusing, and heart healing. 
I cling to them today.  Again.
Many hurt.  Mommas cry.  I am no one special. 
Except to God
I wonder if I can hold on any longer.
I wonder how long the lies will last.
I wonder when my family will be whole again.
I cry.
I doubt.
I remember.
God is good in the storm.  He is stronger than any individual or organization.  He has asked my family to ride this journey however uncomfortable and treacherous it may be.  His plan is perfect and no one can mess it up.  Not even me.
I may not be a part of the plan that I have in my mind.  
That stinks.
Please, God, hold me tight.  I want to feel your peace.  I want my kids to feel it too. 
Wow me today.  Even in a whisper. 

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