Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Poem

  I don't claim to be a poet.  This sonnet is my attempt a few years ago.  Though life today still seems cold, I have felt refreshment in the midst of pain and exhaustion.  God's promises are true.  That is my spring.

Promise of Refreshment

Refreshment. That is what I need today.
Short, winter days and bitter, cold, dark nights
Breed feelings deep within that make faith fray.
God orders time. See Him in the depths and heights.

Newness creeps its way in as the day grows.
Birds return to sing their sweet, new refrain.
Tulips, daffodils rise from dark burrows.
Grasses grow where once brown, dry dirt had lain.

Winter weighed heavy, cold. Felt tears of loss.
When would God's sun shine to comfort my heart?
Spring came. Intense hues wash days with brighter gloss.
Life renews, shows promise of a fresh start.

Emptiness and dark of winter feel cold.
God hands us spring, keeps promises to hold.

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