Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Brought to You

by the letter "B"
Please indulge my forever Sesame Street influences.  The day will come when the morning view of Elmo and Big Bird will be replaced with a long awaited opportunity to sleep in.  Until then, you can be blessed with my alliterations.  You know, it really does help to focus.  You should try it.

Birthday cake
Blue M &M’s
Blueberry pancakes
Bright and early morning family breakfast at the diner
Burdens carried
Board books
Black silhouettes of stately trees against a winter evening sky
Baked bread
Boo boos made better by Mommy kisses
Blankets for snuggling
Broken hearts scarred, but mended
Beauty of grace both given and received
Blond hair (both natural and boxed)
Books read to my littles by Nana and Pop-pop
Blessings beyond belief

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