Saturday, February 16, 2013

Breathing in Baby Sweetness

My littlest one fussed all day.  He whined in my arms, and he whimpered out of my arms.  He needed to sleep.  His little body resisted.  He fought and cried, often while rubbing his eyes.  Enough.  I lifted his weary, cranky body.   He and I sat in a reclining office chair wrapped in a blanket.  Within thirty seconds, his little body calmed and quieted.  He laid his head on my shoulder, finally relaxing in sleep.  I breathed in the sweetness of my little one.  He had challenged my patience and robbed me of what I thought was my time.  Yet in that quiet moment, my little one needed me to hold him and do nothing else.  His soft, curly black hair brushed my cheek.  I relished this short time that I can hold this baby, comforting, loving, being mom. 

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