Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flash Back

Twenty-four years ago a handsome young man, one who had become my best friend, asked me to date him, just him, seriously, and see where that led in life.  I thought it was a good idea.  We had no clue where that decision would lead. 
We were finishing our junior year of college.  I was training to be an educator, and he would be heading to law school after graduation.  We were young and naive.  Yet on the side of a winding river, we held hands and took the next step in a committed relationship. 
This past weekend, we visited our oldest daughter, Angel, who is a freshman at our alma mater.  Her soccer game was rescheduled last minute, so we took advantage of the extra time to go hiking together on a beautiful fall afternoon.  She called us sappy.  (I guess that is what happens when we get a weekend away, just the two of us, without a gaggle of kids.)  We could not help but reminisce.   
After twenty-four years, our married life has meandered though rapids and calm waters, past muddy patches and brilliant foliage.  Experience has replaced naiveness.  We were now parents of many kids.  We were still an educator and a lawyer.  Houses have changed.  Employment has changed.  Churches have changed.  Friends have come and gone.  Our marriage has not only stayed, but has strengthened. 
I stood there on the path with my Sweetie and my Angel.  Twenty-four years seemed so long ago.  Today, Angel is making her own memories, asking God to make clear where the turns need to be in her life.  Maybe someday she will be standing on a similar path with someone else as we did. 

I thank God for memories as this and for the life that followed. 

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