Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clay Pots

They looked like simple clay pots.  Many clay pots.  Pots pieced together painstakingly from ancient shards found under feet of rubble.  The display was intriguing to say it lightly.  Yet, in all the awe of archeological revelation, there was missing a link to the God who set this history in motion and sustains it all.
The Dead Sea Scrolls are on display at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  My Princess delights in ancient history and is seeking to further her education in history and archeology.  I enjoyed sharing this experience with her this past weekend.  The Scrolls were the highlight, but so much more shed light on the world of yesterday. 
The shadow, however, was the one hiding the role of our sovereign God.  In its place was a humanistic philosophy that blanketed the human race in excuses and polytheism.
But back to the pots.  These pots held many purposes:  food, money, perfume, water, oil.  As I walked through the exhibit, God pricked my heart.  These pots, despite their simplicity were used specifically for specific people.  On the handle one would find a mark imprinted to designate the owner.  How just like God to preserve an image used in His word for thousands of years. 
As a believer, I am described as an earthen vessel, designed by the potter.  That potter has a specific purpose for me.  I am his, and he has set his mark on me. 
The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in, guess what – clay pots!  Hidden during a revolt, found so many years later by a simple shepherd, the Word of God proves again its sustainability.
We meandered for two hours admiring, reading, listening, and learning.  I believe we will not forget that evening.  God’s Word will ever be forgotten or lost.  Sadly, many will have gone home having viewed some ancient artifacts and missed the God whose design was found even in the clay pots. 

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Gayle Hughes said...

The Schrolls do the scrolls! We were there the week before and are so thankful for the preservation of The Word!