Monday, September 10, 2012

Answered Prayer?

Abracadabra, Kalamazoo.  I have a prayer.  Now make it come true.
Sacrilegious?  Honesty?  Reality?  

God is in the practice of answering prayers.  He has never stopped, really.  For thousands of years he has sought a personal relationship with his created.  Yet, in my selfish humanity, I forget that precious connection available continually and expect God simply to listen to my plans and give me what I want.
This past Friday I asked God to do something amazing.  That is not a wrong thing.  Though I struggled in my faith with what I knew God can do and what he would do.  Still I prayed.  Many prayed.  Hearts poured out a fervent desire for our four foster children to be placed permanently in our home without a drawn out trial.  God chose not to answer my desire.  At least that is what I originally thought. 
God did do something amazing last Friday.  God placed in my heart a compassion that I did not know I could feel for a convict .  I felt sorrow.  God gave me a deeper desire to pray for the heart of this man despite my annoyance and frustration.  God allowed me time that I did not know would be possible in a potentially hostile situation to talk one on one with the birth mom and encourage her.  
Most amazing to me was how God worked in the hearts of so many to purposely pray for our family.  Friends and family around the world stopped what they were doing that morning to talk to the creator of the universe about something that He indeed cared about.  Many put it on their calendars.  Others met together with the single purpose of prayer. 
I wanted a positive answer to my request.  I guess I received it.  Our kids are with us for another six months at least.  I wanted our forever family to start.  I wanted God to show up big.  He did – in my heart.

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