Friday, August 10, 2012

Curiosity Journal

I am reading
Sadly, few pages have turned this summer compared to previous summer breaks.  Chasing little ones has left little time or energy to focus on the printed word.  That said, I just downloaded an e-book by Jerry Jenkins, The Betrayal.   A Good Dream by Donna VanLiere was a good read.  One book I will be reading soon is Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman.  Slowly and purposely I need to work on reading things other than Yahoo highlights and abridged versions of children’s books.
I am playing
Some mornings I cringe as I enter the day.  Keeping so many kids of many ages engaged, involved, and fairly conflict free sometimes reuires creative measures.  As three of my bigger kids have been gone all week camping, the littles have been left to entertain themselves.  Today we designed a jungle on the kitchen table complete with trees, rivers, monkeys, snakes, hippos, lions, birds, frogs, and fish.  I found myself in teacher mode and loving it.  I even found that I can make a pretty good alligator with Model Magic. 
I am learning
Patience and perseverance are not high on my list of what I am dying to learn.  God has revealed otherwise.  He is showing me that even though life is tough at times, tomorrow does come.  He is showing me that what I am building with my family is not something I do alone.  
I learned new things this past week about our kids’ back history.  My heart hurts for the pains that my fosters have had to face. 
I am responding
God’s sacred echo of his sovereignty and supremacy resounds in my heart.  No matter what God allows lies perfectly in His plan.  I admit that plan often comes with tears and high emotional energy.  I want to respond with stomping feet, whining, and pouting.  My heart still hurts with the loss of Julia.  If she had not died we would not be doing this. But then again, if she had not died we would not be doing this. 
I write this post with the simple motivation to get something down on paper.  I am always amazed how God uses words to put things in perspective. 

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