Wednesday, May 23, 2012

God Moments

My coffee of choice runs out so, while I wait, I have the chance to chat with another believer at the local Wawa. 
Verses in Job whisper to my heart.
Chesapeake breezes refresh my spirit.
New friends and growing friendships remind me how essential community is.
I discover hidden strength and confidence as I climb a 20+foot pole and jump off a narrow platform to ride a zip line while a crowd of other crazy ladies watch.
My Sunshine’s story is known by my Heavenly Father.  He knows the details and even the ending.
At a ladies’ conference of almost 400 ladies, the main speaker and her husband chose to sit with my friends and me and share meals and laughter together. 
In the middle of discipline, busyness, noise, and laundry, SOMETIMES I let God calm my heart, quiet my spirit, and close my mouth so that He can work in my family.
Unsettling decisions made for my baby boy force me to hold on more tightly to the hand of my caring God.
Babies in swings sing of God’s sunshine and learn that He loves us in both the sunshine and the storm.
Caterpillars spun their chrysalis, and we wait excitedly for the emergence of Painted Lady butterflies.
I reach my hand for my wobbly baby walker steadying him as his strength and confidence increase. He still falls. But I reach out and pick him up to try again.  How so like my Father and me.

What moments have you shared with God this past week?

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