Sunday, May 13, 2012


Coffee for Mom means true love.  Add a little milk and cookie crumbs, and you have a dream realized.  My kids added sweetness to my afternoon.  We sat together, the big kids and I, enjoying half priced frappes.  There were chocolate marked faces, silly smiles, and fun memories.  The sweetest moment came, though, as my little one with a heart laid bare, asked if we could pray.  Right there in Starbucks.  Our family is waiting not so patiently for an eighth child, a sibling of our littlest ones.  Our waiver appears to be lost in the land of oblivion in the office of licensing.  It is apparent that this little guy needs to be with another family, particularly ours.  My kids cannot wait for him to come, but wait we have to do.  In our brief discussion at the coffee shop, my little one decided it was time again to bring this need to our Lord who cares about all this.  She reached out to grab my hand and proceeded to talk to God.  I smiled.  Conversations with my kids and my Savior – nothing much sweeter.

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