Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Playing in the Paint

Time to get creative.  Or should I say we had time to get creative? 
My kids take standardized achievement tests at the school with whom we partner.  This is that week.  Logistics are challenging as I shuttle kids for all different schedules and try to keep the babies occupied.  This morning, however, the babies are gone for the day with their bio mom, and the big kids are gone for testing.  That leaves only my little one and me home together.
These flowers were her favorite.
Classical music is playing on Pandora, and I have the privilege of sitting here in our sunlit kitchen while my little one has fun playing with a treasure of paint supplies that I found at a garage sale this past week.  I love watching her creative mind work through her hands as she investigates different textures, mixes deeper colors, and produces a work of art. 
I relish moments like this.  I am too often guilty of finding something else that HAS to get done rather than just choosing to sit down and enjoy the moment.  Thank you Lord for giving me a daughter that knows how to do just that.

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