Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We need rain.  I know that.  Still, I don’t like rain.  It plays games with my mind and wreaks havoc with my body.  I don’t think that my Daredevil likes it either.  His fuse seems even shorter on dreary, gloomy days.  However, the rain must come, and I am thankful.
I stopped to think the other day of how we get rain.  I know, I have spent way too much time teaching the water cycle.  Think about it, though.  What a crazy awesome God we have that has from the beginning of time separated the waters on the earth from the waters above the earth.  In his perfect plan, some water evaporates turning into a vapor forming clouds, then condenses to form water droplets that fall to the earth, filling the lakes, rivers, streams, and oceans, only to evaporate again continuing the cycle that sustains life.    
Rain mirrors grace.  As the song says “grace, like rain, falls down on me.”  We are at the mercy of a gracious God when it comes to rain.  We so desperately need it to survive, yet there is truly nothing in our power that can produce it.  We have to rely completely on our rain making creator God.
My pastor reminded me of this on Sunday as he preached.  There is so much of God that should wow us every day, but often we miss it.  Whether it is the dirt that our kids play in or the rain that drips steadily from the gutters, God has made it all and is in complete charge of it all.  He has given it to us to enjoy and steward.  Our response should be dripping with joy and praise, not in what has been created, but for who has done the creating.
I am not a fan of rain, but I am in love with the one who made the rain.

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