Saturday, April 28, 2012

God Still Slays Giants

We like to act out Bible stories occasionally.   Our favorite is David and Goliath.  Daddy usually gets the role of the giant.  He makes me giggle as he stomps his feet, stretches his arms, and with a deep voice says “I am going to squash you like a bug.”  Of course, he loses in the end as the child who gets to play David swings his imaginary slingshot and takes down the giant.
Oh, if slaying giants were just that simple. 
I was reminded by a sweet friend this week that God is still in the business of slaying giants in our lives.  We face insurmountable challenges, impossible outcomes, and incredible stories routinely.  Life just goes like that. 
The cool thing is that God is SO much bigger than life. 
Sometimes life just wants to “squash us like a bug.”  Sometimes life’s challenges and questions seem impossible.  We stand, like the Israelites, shaking in our boots and wondering how on earth we are going to escape servitude to this giant looming in front of us. 
How awesome is it that our God still fights giants.  When it seems humanly impossible, we then step aside, breath, and watch God do his mighty work. 
I am watching God do some amazing things both in my life and in the lives of my friends – things that only God can do.  He leaves no room for doubt or any room for me to take the credit. 
God used just one stone, a willing young man, and a resigned army to slay a giant and send another army fleeing in fear. 
What giants are in your life?  God is bigger.

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