Friday, December 9, 2011

What I Love About my Little Man

  • He plays hair dresser with Sunshine and tackle with Daredevil
  • He knows how to change diapers
  • He is not afraid to let his heart full of emotion overflow at times
  • His excitement to try new things is contagious
  • He knows how to type and is amazing with the computer
  • He knows how to cook and do the laundry yet is a crazy maniac on two wheels
  • He is wowed by how God works in the little and big ways
  • He sings with all his heart and plays sweet music on his trumpet
  • He still gives me hugs and kisses
  • He is sweet with the little ones at our church
  • He knows how to change the fuses in our “bus”
  • He is a good friend
  • His giving heart cannot wait until Christmas
  • He is the kind of kid that likes to go to “Grandma’s” to cook one weekend and to “Grandpa’s” to work on the erector set another weekend.
  • He blogs
  • He is really cute (I can say that as his Mom)

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