Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My little one was dunked on Sunday, and that made my sweetie and me smile.
Obeying God by identifying with him in baptism often means stepping out of your comfort zone. Many never go there. I have been blessed to have watched all of my biological children step in to the baptismal pool in sweet obedience.
On Sunday, my little one joined two others who, by the way, were new believers at age 70+. For her, obeying God at such an early age lays the groundwork for obedience later. As a pastor of mine taught, obedience brings blessing. I am excited to watch how God will continue to work in her little heart.
She had been asking us for awhile about baptism, but we held off as she is only seven. Granted, we have had other children baptized even younger, but we wanted to make sure that she was doing it for the correct reason and that we were confident in her salvation experience. Last Sunday was her day.

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