Sunday, December 18, 2011

Squiggles, Swipes, and Swirls

Angel settled in for the evening at home with the babies. My Little Man, dressed in concert attire, packed his trumpet and headed to the van. That left my Little One and Princess to join Sweetie and me for the middle school Christmas concert.

This particular night was nothing unique except that there were only four of us in the pew waiting for the concert to commence. To pass the time, my Sweetie pulled out his new Xoom and opened a drawing app. This intrigued my girls. Only one swipe of the finger and he passed the tablet to my Little One. She made another single mark and passed it on to Princess. She followed suit, made her mark, and passed the Xoom back to Sweetie. Squiggles, swipes, and swirls of different colors and widths produced a picture that none of the three anticipated as the result. Each one began with a different plan. Their plan changed at each turn. In the end, the design bore its own stamp of individuality.

Our pastor reminded me of this as he spoke this morning. Surely Mary, the mother of Jesus, formulated her own plan for her life. I cannot imagine that carrying the Christ child was part of that initial plan. How would she explain this phenomenon? How would this mark in her life make any sense? Yet, in her sweet submission, she took that next step of obedience and yielded to the eternal mark that God would place in her life.

As God leads me through life, there are marks of different colors, sizes, and lengths etched into each day. The beauty of some marks takes my breath, while others bring tears and hurt. I would love to draw my own plans for life. Had Mary been able to do that, she would have missed the ultimate blessing of mothering the Son of God.

What tomorrow will bring I do not know. I am confident that God will produce a picture beyond my imagination.

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