Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I really, really hope that my little baby sleeps through the night soon. No, seriously, I am getting to the desperation point. Not that I can do a stinking thing about it. We keep him awake into the evening. We have tried cereal in his last bottle. Both avenues to date have proven ineffective. If he was not so unbelievably adorable I could find myself angry and beyond annoyed. Instead, I am just annoyed.

This too shall pass. Though, I do hope that it is a quick phase.

Having a baby in the house brings blessings beyond my imagination. My kids adore him. His smile lights up the room (even in the middle of the night.) He keeps me young. It is either that, or I will age rather quickly.

Please forgive my whining. I truly would not trade this time in my life for anything. God has brought us through heartache and loss and has given us more than we could ask or imagine. At least for today. As the weeks, months, and now year have progressed, it appears more positive that these three little ones will stay with us. That, of course, may all change very quickly.

Today, I gave my baby cereal for the first time from the spoon. He loves to stand up on my lap while his chubby little fingers grasp mine. He has found his voice. I am waiting for the first time that I hear “Mommy”. It has only been three months since I first laid eyes on him, but life is moving so quickly.

I need sleep. My children need me. LORD help us all.

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