Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Friendly Letter

My little one has a pen pal. The relationship is superficial at best, but for a little girl, having another little girl to write to is always a treat.

What struck me as I sit across from my little one in the midst of piles of books, papers, and computers (yes, that is plural), is that writing is such a powerful learning tool. Just last night my sweetie and I were chatting about that. Our conversation centered mostly on how writing as an adult is extremely more enjoyable than when I was young. Now, I look for time to write. I enjoy the economy of words. For my little one, the passion is not quite there. It could be that she has not yet learned how to type. That skill changes things up a bit. However, I am amazed at what her little hands are putting down on paper.

It is a simple friendly letter, but she is communicating so much. She has had to utilize the capital and punctuation rules that we have been working on. The spelling patterns that she has learned now have to be fleshed out in words that are not on a spelling list. She is truly being a friend in her choice of words. She is communicating her heart by simply wanting to know more about her friend.

Writing a letter takes time, especially if you are writing it by hand. Even more so if your mom makes you write a rough draft first. When was the last time I sent or received a letter? Why is that answer so convicting?

We are always learning. My little one learned more than she knows just writing a friendly letter.

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