Friday, October 7, 2011

Woven Irregularities

The other night I made my usual rounds to glean what others in my house had so graciously left for me to gather. Seriously, NOT. I do like my house picked up so I kept moving. The dining room that we use for school stopped me for a brief moment. I glanced at the table and then looked again. Not that there was anything unusual, but the variety of items make me think. I saw a K’nex motorized wooly mammoth sitting in the center of the table ready for action. There were scattered textbooks and writing utensils that indicated that some work was done there that day. Near one end of the table, I saw a half-drunk cup of cocoa. At the other end perched next to the makeshift changing table sat one pink sneaker. The Velcro kind. The other one must be in hiding. For safekeeping, one of my kids placed his newly lost tooth in a Ziploc bag. The Tooth Fairy must still be out on sick leave, vacation, or something like that. Normally I leave the tablecloth off, but we had a pleasant visit with family the other night and we needed the extra seating for dinner. I had not taken it off again. None of this makes much sense. Many days don’t make much sense. Yet, I saw toys, teeth, textbooks, and treats on the table. Somehow, all of that wove life moments together to make our day work.

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