Friday, October 7, 2011


Julia Eryn

I love that name. Her name is beautiful. She is beautiful because a loving, relational God created her. Two years ago, that same loving, relational God chose not to allow me to see that beauty yet. I would have chosen to hold those little hands, listen to her coos and giggles, and dress her in the cutest little girl clothes. Her beauty goes far beyond what I wanted here on earth. It transcends what little I know.

Scars reveal their own beauty. They can be jagged pictures of an injury caused by tearing, ripping, and accidental trauma. They also remind you of a precise and purposeful cut, intended to repair. My heart’s wounds are healing, but the scars will always remain. Though they were never mine to lose, four little ones began and ended their short life inside of me. It hurts not to have them. My hidden scars remind me that God is purposeful and intentional. God is choosing to make my heart beautiful. He is not done yet.

I want to be beautiful even if it involves scars.

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