Monday, October 10, 2011

Cedarville, Here She Comes!

Today marks a milestone in our family. Angel received an e-mail from Cedarville University telling her that she was accepted, and that her letter would be coming shortly. She responded calmly. I did not (think screams, smiles, and waving arms.) My role spans the scope of teaching, mothering, counseling, and encouraging. This felt good. Angel filled out the majority of the paper work. My major job was to complete her transcript (homeschoolers: It is not as hard as you may think.) I am enjoying the feeling of relief that comes with a college acceptance this early in Angel’s senior year. However, that relief is short-lived as other anxieties will take its place: Where is the money coming from? Will she get the soccer scholarship? Will she like her roommate? Silly, I know. But, I am Mom.

Cedarville is where I met my sweetie over twenty-five years ago. My value system was solidified and worked out in that environment. My degree in education proved to be invaluable in both our home and in our church. Life-long friendships were established, and many of those friends live near the campus still and will provide a support system as well as a few moms-away-from-home. I am truly thankful for the blessing of Cedarville in my life.

One might say that Laura was influenced to go to Cedarville. Honestly, yes. Cedarville is still a strong, Christian college training young people to work hard, serve hard, and be strong in their homes and churches. They have proven to do everything with excellence, and it shows in their graduates to this day.

I look forward to watching God continue to work in Angel’s life. At this point, she is interested in mechanical engineering (if you visit Cedarville’s website, you will see how highly rated this program is and the many awards it has won.) God may change that in her heart, and that would be fine. Teaching my child to live according to what God wants for her life is primary.

Angel is the first of our children to enter college. The others talk about what they think they will do as they get older. I enjoy working through each of their unique abilities and passions. God has some exciting things to do with their lives.

One day at a time. Today, I will celebrate this moment.

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