Sunday, October 16, 2011

Name Them One by One

My little man blessed my heart tonight as he played in a trumpet trio with two other men from our church. They played effortlessly, but with conviction. As much as I enjoy a brass ensemble, I enjoyed the meaning of the song even more. “Count your Blessings,” a traditional hymn, overflows with truth. As the song states, when you begin naming the blessings one by one, you cannot help seeing what God has done. I smiled proudly as my little man stood confidently playing what he had practiced for weeks. I pondered in my heart the truth of the words.

Naming takes thought. When I meet someone new, I have to work hard to remember her name. It frustrates me when I forget. A name gives significance. We named our own children with purpose. I often use their full name, and not only when they are in trouble. Naming each of my children aloud reminds me of how blessed I am as a mother. Naming implies assigning value: not only implicit value but also expressed value.

As I begin to name my blessings, I assign value and significance to what God has done. Naming blessings allows others to peek into my life and either acknowledge or deny God’s presence and activity. We discuss names in our home frequently now, as we desire to adopt three children. Their names will be a constant reminder to us all of how God works in every detail of our lives.

Many days find me naming all the things that annoy me or make me angry. I can name all the reasons why I should not go out for a walk, call a friend, or put the laundry aside to sit and play with a child. When I start naming what I appreciate in my husband or in my children, my attitude changes. When I name all the little things in God’s world that amaze me, my kids get excited. Audibly naming what God has done blesses my heart.

Thank you, Little Man, for blessing my heart tonight.