Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Moments Captured

This is a year of both firsts and lasts. I intend to enjoy them both. Cuddling with my little boy while chatting with Angel is a dichotomy blended with a blessing. I would have never imagined that I would be mothering seven children at once, yet here we are. Angel, though, is heading off to college within the year. We find ourselves reminiscing while at the same time anticipating the exciting things awaiting her.

Last weekend Angel had her senior pictures taken. She is an outdoors, casual, no-frills kind of girl. I felt a studio session would not fit her well, so I asked a friend from church to utilize her talent and her DSLR to capture this special time in an outdoors photo session. I followed, smiling, sighing, pushing a stroller as I watched my beautiful daughter pose in her own casual way.

On that gorgeous day in October, I stopped and captured time in a picture. Angel’s life will change. She will meet new people, stretch her brain, and attempt new things. Forever, though, one thing will never change. She will always be my beautiful, firstborn daughter.

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