Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pat's or Geno's

That is the question. At least that is what many South Philly residents will argue over. These two cheese steak establishments have even enjoyed their fame on Food Network. Pat’s won for their cheese. That is where our crew went for dinner tonight.

Our kids have blessed us by being an integral part of this ministry of fostering. We enjoy honoring them for the good job that they do by taking them out to dinner about once a month. Tonight we loaded up the big van and ventured into the city. It wasn’t a long trip, but it surely was delicious.

We all chose different cheeses: Whiz, American, and provolone. Some of us opted for onions; others did not. All were happy and satisfied.

It was fun to walk into another world right across the river. Unfortunately, the open Italian market down the street was closed for the evening. That is another experience that we will have to enjoy another time.

Are there rivaling restaurants in your neck of the woods?

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