Wednesday, August 10, 2011


She turns fourteen this month. I am enjoying the privilege of watching her grow and develop into an amazing young lady who is preparing her life to impact her world. My princess has passion – passion for her writing, her art, her friends, her Lord, and her family.

Last week she spent hours taking part in an on-line writing conference geared specifically for teen girls. Hours passed without a care. She delved even deeper into the short story that has held her attention for months now. She challenged herself to be better, to take it up a notch, to take a risk. In the end, she was rewarded with a free line-by-line critique of her work by a published author whose blog Princess follows faithfully. My mom bias is evident and legitimate, but truthfully, her writing wows me.

This year Princess decided to opt out of soccer and focus on her art. She loves her classes and enters her own little space in her own little world for an hour and a half each week. She has tried many mediums, but her favorite is acrylic. She hopes to take this area of her life up a notch as well and has been investigating art shows, displays, and contests in which she can take part.

These two areas form an invisible, yet movable boundary defining Princess at this point in her life. We work on balance. We stress opportunities to ministry with our gifts. She gets it. I love what God poured into her life. She is beautiful, and her words and paint express an additional beauty that pleases God I am sure.

Anxiety and insecurity creep in slyly as she enters high school this year. Art and writing are judged subjectively, and sometimes those opinions hurt. High school girls share opinions that hurt as well. Honestly, I am thankful that her time in the classroom is limited. God is molding her, shaping her, adding detail to His masterpiece, sometimes erasing things that need to be corrected. He has promised both her and me that He will never leave her, even when life becomes uncomfortable.

I feel like this piece is too random. Princess is far from that. She is uniquely created by a sovereign God who knows how her passions will be used for him.

Check out the blog that she designed. If you scroll through her posts, you will find examples of both her writing and her art. Her passions are obvious. You will be blessed, as I am, by her.

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