Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Curiosity Journal

I am reading ~

I adore my e-reader. It may be small and not as fancy as the Kindle or Nook, but I find it very convenient to be able to read wherever I am. Lately, I delved into H.G. Wells A Time Machine. My time flies during the day, and I am often either feeding a child or changing a diaper. However, I try to find a few minutes at the end of the day to read for myself. It simply may take me longer to finish. As school creeps closer, my reading list will be more limited to what my kids are reading. I may be caught daydreaming of blue skies, warm breezes, and sunshine on my face as I sit poolside at an island resort reading from my e-reader or pile of books that I stowed in my suitcase. That day will come, someday.

I am playing ~

My sabbatical from Sudoku puzzles is over since I found a free app for my iTouch. The jury is out as to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I am learning ~

The world of technology amazes me. The opportunities for use in a homeschool are limitless, but the trick is how to balance it all. Lately I am learning about online conferences and how they can be used effectively.

My espresso machine makes me smile. Is that possible? I am still learning how to make the best mocha frappuccino. I did learn today that wide straws make drinking one much more enjoyable.

I am reacting ~

Monday’s permanency hearing will rock my world one way or another. I pray that my heart responds rather than reacts to the judge’s decision.

Sorry if my words seem random and haphazard. Such is life sometimes.

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