Wednesday, August 24, 2011


“Wake up happy heart!” We need to challenge our toddler with that often. If I were honest, I should remind my grumpy heart as well. I really wish that life did not get in the way of life. Our family is large, and I love it. By definition though, largeness brings busyness. Busyness often breeds grumpiness, at least for me.

School began this week. My teacherness (is that a word?) is too excited for new books, new ideas, and, well, a new year. My kids were ready to start simply because they want to finish. I can live with that. Our three newest blessings stir the pot of learning a bit. Our challenge is to keep little hands busy in a good way, little mouths fed, and loud mouths quiet enough to think. I wonder if that is even a possibility. We will find out, I guess.

Wednesday night means no soccer, but youth group for the big girls. They enjoy the challenge their youth pastor brings weekly in addition to the fun times they can spend with their friends. I get to enjoy a few minutes of relative peace. My tea tastes good tonight, and my computer battery is charged, but I look forward to the kids being in bed so I can sit on the couch and cuddle with my sweetie.

My heart is happy.

  • Little ones were bathed right after dinner with no incident
  • Cool breezes broke the oppressive summer heat
  • My little man worked AHEAD on his math today
  • My sweetie’s case for tomorrow is almost settled which means he doesn’t have to travel as far as planned
  • My littlest girl was fever free all day for the first time in a week
  • My dishwasher runs faithfully three times a day
  • I love to teach
  • My princess’s chocolate birthday party is soon approaching (more on that later)
  • The baby has the cutest clothes
  • I am losing, but my sweetie likes to play Scrabble with me
  • It rained, but we enjoyed a baseball game with my parents and brother along with his family
  • My husband’s assistant soccer coach is our friend and pastor
  • My sweetie took the time to challenge someone from God’s Word about his marriage and his role in saving it
  • Earthquakes and hurricanes are not out of the circle of God’s knowledge or control

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Tammie said...

so lovely. i do miss the home education a bit, but i'm in a new season.