Tuesday, August 23, 2011


They changed so much. We all changed. I changed. Change is a good thing. In the frantic moments leading to the first time I laid eyes on my new little ones, I never once thought twice. I knew my life would never be the same no matter how long they would stay. One year ago, I was enjoying the four awesome kids in my home. Today, I am reminded how awesome my kids still are and how wonderful it is to have added three more children to our home.

He played with his trains tonight. He smiled. He went to bed calmly after a song and a prayer with covers tucked under his chin and around his toes.

She smiled and sang a song. She hugged her baby and shared her stories in toddler tones. She still takes a bottle, but that is OK with me.

The newborn’s piercing eyes followed my voice and smirked as he sat propped on Princess’s lap for a nighttime bottle. He may surpass his sister’s weight shortly despite their difference of twenty months.

My big kids are still kids, yet they are learning big things. They are doing big things.

Life changes every day. New developments occur weekly. I look forward to the day when the judge declares that these little ones are forever part of our family.

God’s perfect plan permeates with purpose. I thank God that His changes in our life are not random.

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