Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stirring Hearts

It takes a little of this, a lot of that, and a pinch of something else to make food taste delicious. Eaten alone, the ingredients taste bitter, bland, or even disgusting. This week, I have witnessed both tears of joy and laughter as well as tears of pain and hurt. My arms embraced a woman lost in the craziness of life as well as held her newborn son close to my heart. Some of these ingredients left a bitter taste. Some of them left a mom feeling helpless. Still others left a sweet, delicate taste never to be forgotten. All of these are part of a bigger plan, a recipe if you will, designed by a sovereign God.

As with any recipe, you need to work with what you have. There is no magic wand miraculously producing a chocolate cake, a blueberry pie, or a peach cobbler. (Now that I have you drooling.) Such is life. It takes work to make something deliciously beautiful. Sometimes you mess up and start over again. Life takes some sifting, some stretching, some draining, some blending, and some stirring.

Her heart is stirring this week. God is talking as he is allowing some distasteful ingredients to be mixed into her recipe. His words are being integrated into what will be beautifully delicious. This week she feels helplessly out of control. The heat is on her life. Her little one is being removed from her. Yet, in it all, He is still stirring. God will not forget His plan. He will not walk away from her only to forget and let her life burn.

I am humbled to be a small ingredient that God is using in her life. Please pray for the mother of my foster babies that she will see God’s role in her life. Pray that she will know that it is He who is stirring her heart to make something deliciously beautiful.

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Tammie said...

i am praying and will pray as you ask. <3