Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Life has changed drastically in our home within the last week. We went from six kids to seven, left uninterrupted sleep for midnight feedings, invited more than enough state workers into our home, and made a continued impact on a single mom. God, for some crazy reason chose us for this journey into ministry. Thankfully he also chooses to bless us in multiple ways every day. Here is a glimpse of my heart today.

I am thankful for –

  • · Lemonade stands
  • · Homemade banana bread
  • · Newborn sweetness
  • · Dinners brought to my home by friends
  • · Naps in the afternoon
  • · Naps in the evening
  • · God’s never changing, life changing Word
  • · Opportunities to pray with my kids
  • · Espresso in the afternoon
  • · Thoughtful and caring church family
  • · Pacifiers
  • · Sibling friendship
  • · Three babies napping at the same time

What is on your heart today? I would enjoy reading your perspective of gratitude.

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