Sunday, July 17, 2011

She is Getting Ready to Leave

Her laundry is done, and her bags are packed. She scrounged the cabinets looking for any snacks that would fit into her backpack. Her friends have texted her and are awaiting her return to camp. Am I ready? That may be a better question.

The goal all along is to have our children grow up, but somewhere between diapers, braces, and homework, they amazingly and secretly turn into almost adults. We want our kids to be independent, Godly, self-sufficient, hard-working people. We work diligently to instill character that will establish the foundation for that edifice we call adulthood. Yet tonight, I saw my firstborn in a slightly new light. She loves us dearly and enjoys being home, but she is excited to go back to work and be a part of something even bigger. She is almost ready to leave.

Her senior year looms closely, and college is not that far beyond. For now, she enjoys the summer a mere hour and a half away and comes home most weekends. I could not ask for more than for my child to be in a place where she hears the Word of God daily, works diligently alongside a Christian woman whom I admire, lives with other teens who are serious about God, and is paid for it. I miss Angel when she is gone. I love her smile. She makes great quesadillas, and mows the lawn when she is home. Our table is not as crowded when she is gone, but that is not really a good thing. All those little things add up to a lot.

She will be home again on Saturday for the weekend. When she comes home, there will be another baby in the house. Time keeps marching on. I am proud of what God is doing in Angel’s life. Little by little, He is carving her niche.

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monica @ paperbridges said...

I remember leaving for the summer to be a camp councilor. Made a lot of memories and loved being part of the team ministering to the kids. I'm sure your Angel will too.