Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Still Small Voice

Their voices carried up the stairs breaking into my sleepy thoughts as my eyes opened for the day after a long night with the baby. You could call it a short night as I was up from 1:00-3:00. In any case, I did not want to face whatever or whoever was mixing the pot of emotions in my children this morning. Thankfully, grace rose before I did. God spoke quietly to my heart reminding me of what I already knew. Speak to Him; speak His Word. Exhaustion rarely lends itself to rational thinking, but that is where grace comes in. God knew I needed help mothering this morning, so the Holy Spirit pricked my heart to act righteously despite how I wanted to act and sadly, how I usually act.

We sat down together in the family room to recalibrate. Using examples of things that were broken or difficult in my little ones’ lives, we all realized that it takes purpose, time, effort, and the right tools to make something work smoothly and effectively. Our morning was not working smoothly we all agreed, but how were we going to fix it? Grace poured into my little kids’ lives. We realized that God’s Word would give us all a clue to how we should think and act in our home. I chose a passage in Philippians 2 and read it aloud. Even amidst the interruptions of the babies, God’s Word spoke loudly to all our hearts. I enjoyed the time to pray with my kids and brought each of them before the Lord as they listened. I could see on their faces that God’s grace felt good to them too.

There is no magic potion or unexplainable phenomenon to my morning. It is, however, supernatural. God spoke quietly and gently and worked greatly in my home today. I saw a change in how my children lived the rest of their day. It was not perfect, but it was very pleasant. They practiced enjoying and not just tolerating the creative differences of each other Their voices were loud as usual, but not angry. Even my toddler, who is just learning about Jesus, evidenced God’s grace.

Thank you God for showing me grace and reminding me that you are there to help me to do the job that you have called me to do. Thank you that your grace is sufficient and that your mercies are new every morning.

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Tammie said...

oh, how i rejoice with you! nothing more beautiful than "Thankfully, grace rose before I did. God spoke quietly to my heart. . ."