Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Curiosity Journal

I am reading

Similar to last summer, my pile of books resembles the shelves of the children’s section in the library. I am not sure exactly what I will end up reading, but a few Newberry winners made the list. Sadly, I cannot remember the titles. To satisfy the big girl in me, I will be checking to see what is available free or cheap for my Nook app.

I challenged my kids to keep reading. Last year I made the list for them, but this year I am letting them decide. Ask me in September to see if that was a good idea or not. I digress. This is supposed to be about what I am reading, not what they are reading.

My toddler was having a difficult evening (as many seem to be lately), so I picked up a book, and we sat shoulder to shoulder on the couch, just the two of us in the room. Reading with him made a difference in his turbulent heart – at least for that night.

I am playing

Garage sale season is reaching its end until fall. Last week, I went out again searching for last minute deals. I found a yard game that had my name on it. Truthfully, it is hard to describe. It has two curved “paddles” that you use when playing catch with your partner. It is an easy, simple game. At the drive-in the other night (a triple feature!), we had time to kill until it got dark, so we brought some games to play as a family. I enjoyed some time with my little one playing with our new toy.

During our time at the lake, I had hoped to play some more games, but the babies’ schedules prohibited us. We did manage to fit in a few rounds of Mexican Train.

My sweetie and I are in the middle of what seems to be a very long Scrabble game. We found a free app. game that allows us to play our turn at our convenience. So far, I am ahead.

I am learning

I had my first mocha made with my new espresso machine. Yes, that’s right friends. My sweetie treated me for my birthday. Funny, I just blogged about searching for one a garage sale, and my sweetie had already purchased one. That said, there is a learning curve in making a good mocha. I need some practice with the frothing.

I am reacting

As many others on Facebook and the blogosphere have commented, the Casey Anthony trial reached deeply into the hearts of many moms. I chose not to view any of the trial. I do not know how the evidence was presented. Yet, hearing the basic timeline of the event, my heart hurts. If my child was gone for that length of time, I would be lost. I thank God, that the little girl was not lost in His eyes.

On a lighter note, I turned 44 today. I have a daughter heading for college in a little over a year and am waiting for news of a newborn. At times, my life exists in a time warp. What seems like forever is only a day when a child is screaming. What feels like a moment is a year, and my child is three inches taller. I enjoyed my birthday. My family worked hard to make it special. I love them.

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monica @ paperbridges said...

Happy Birthday!!

I love reading juvenile fiction too. I hope you let us know those titles when you get a chance.

I also use the Nook app. Isn't it great!?

I'm a coffee fanatic. Yay for you getting that new toy.

We have a lot in common, don't we?


Tammie said...

happy birthday!

Princess said...

I love you mom. Happy Birthday.