Thursday, July 14, 2011

Waiting for Baby

God continues to amaze me in this process of fostering. The mother of my babies is having her fourth child any moment. She is scheduled for an induction on Monday if nothing happens before then. A few months ago, she and I were able to sit and talk uninterrupted for a while. My heart hurt for this lady who does not have a strong support system of any kind. I offered to be with her in the delivery room if she wanted me, as I could not comprehend birthing a child with no one there to support me. She thought it over until this week. I received a call. She was on the other end. She wanted to know if my offer was still open. Wow, God! What an awesome opportunity.

The family services in my sate deal mainly with children already in the home, some as young as a few months, but rarely do they work with newborns. These babies are my first placement so the learning curve is still quite steep. Add to that that the social workers have rarely, if ever, dealt with this situation before either. Oh, my! Our God is so good, and he is sovereign over all the details in these little ones' lives. I am so thankful.

I packed my bag with some goodies, batteries for my portable iPod speakers, and my camera charger. It is a funny feeling going as the support person and not the mom-to-be. Then again, I will be the mom for months to come for the new little guy. The birth mom thinks it is important for me to bond with the baby. Please pray that the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in God's eyes. Pray that I will be the encouragement that this mom needs.

We do not know where God is taking us on this journey. For this week, we anticipate having seven children in our home, and we are thrilled. I expect to be tired. I expect emotions to be raw at times. I expect God to continue to amaze me.

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Tammie said...

oh, God bless you and strengthen you and your dear family.