Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lattes and Scones

Caffeine has become my drug of choice. Some days require a little more than a nap can solve. Please don’t judge me. I mean, I can stop whenever I want to. I only have one drink a day. Then again, I did scrounge my cabinets the other day looking for a lonely caffeinated tea bag. I didn’t find one, so I just had to stop at Panera Bread for an iced tea on my way to pick up the babies from their visit with their biological mother.

While vacationing at the lake, I enjoyed visiting with my cousin and her two children. We were all up late, up early, and busy all day. It was a break from the norm but far from quiet and relaxing. My sweet cousin blessed me by making a mocha latte for me two mornings that I was there. An espresso machine is on my garage sale list now -not that I have a clue how to make such a drink. She and my kids also threw together a little of this and a little of that to make delicious scones to go with my coffee.

Tea is usually what I drink, but coffee mixed with a healthy amount of chocolate is becoming a treat a greatly enjoy.

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Bryan said...

Now you have your Expresso machine - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!