Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I wish I had more time to write this week. It seems that life is flying even faster than it normally does. I think it is time to recalibrate a bit.

#271 - 285

I am thankful for:

  • Teachable moments at the dinner table that lead to a business model for my son's new yo-yo party endeavor
  • Creative friends
  • Time to scrapbook with my Princess (hopefully another post on that soon)
  • Sunshine at the scrapping retreat
  • Caffeine to get me through the day
  • Chairs at the bookstore that don't squeak
  • Glimpses of hope that my kids really do know how to write
  • Sideways glances and silly smiles from my little man on the mound in a clutch inning – he struck them out!
  • Bridges built with social workers that will hopefully lead to more questions and answers
  • God appointments at the bookstore that lead to conversations pointing back to the truth of God's Word
  • Blessings of remembering that bring hope
  • Unity in my church that allows for a peaceful, blessing filled annual meeting
  • Faithful nursery coverage during Sunday school even if my daughter is the only one in attendance
  • A strong, active, truth teaching, family supporting youth ministry in our church
  • A surprise Mothers Day gift bag from my baby's medical day care


If you were to sit for just a few minutes – right now – what would pour from your thankful heart? I challenge you to take the time to write it down. Life runs in crazy circles and zig-zags. Many days leave me wiped and wishing I did not have to face what was on the other side of my bedroom door. It is quite noisy in my home, making it difficult to process beyond the essentials sometimes. Finding time to think and write in relative quiet has become an essential part of my week. What about you? What have you been able to carve into your day that helps you keep some semblance of balance?






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Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi Sandy,

thanks for stopping by my blog.

I am currently reading "Calm my Anxious Heart: A woman's guide to finding contentment" by Linda Dillow

It's a really good book and it talks about being grateful and other things that make for a content heart.

Right now I am so grateful for answered prayers and for waiting on God. He knows all thing and He really guides us if we acknowledge Him in all our ways. :)

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