Tuesday, May 17, 2011


At least that is my humble Mom opinion. Angel looked stunning in her floor length black dress. Jewelry does not appeal to her, but the bling on her gown was perfect. She spent the afternoon with her girlfriends getting ready, not that it takes all that long for her. She doesn't wear any make-up, but her friend talked her into a TINY bit of eye shadow. She started the day determined that she would do nothing to her hair but only leave it in her routine ponytail. Somehow, a miracle happened and another friend talked her into a few twists and curls to finish the look.

My sweetie and I arrived late afternoon and were wowed by our daughter. We knew she was beautiful, but we were blessed to see her all dressed up. If you know anything about our family you know that Angel is all tomboy and no girly girl. The only dress she owns is this one.

Her date arrived a little later. He brought her a wrist corsage of red sweetheart roses. The two of them have been friends since kindergarten. He is also a homeshooler who takes classes part-time with Laura. As this date thing was new to both of them, they were a little cautious and apprehensive. I am blessed that they enjoy each other's friendship.

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