Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Beauty of Variety

Consider the colors of the rainbow, the symmetry of a starfish, the music of a spring thunderstorm. Then look at your children and stand in awe. God's creativity amazes me.

Angel's feet do not fit gracefully into any shoe with a heel. It pains me to watch her attempt a runway walk in the shoe store. Yet, put those same feet into a pair of cleats and watch out. Her footwork on the soccer field will frustrate any opponent and dazzle any spectator. She can't dance a lick, yet she can weave her way down the field like nobody's business. Her finesse has put her on all-star teams and may allow her to pursue a collegiate soccer experience. Her athleticism makes me smile.

Princess may not win any sports awards, but her artwork has made it to the front cover of a magazine. She continually looks for ways to express her art. Her feet may not wow you, but take in the beauty of her art on the canvas and you will be amazed. She strives to see the detail in God's world. Her hands are God's gift to us. She presents life in ways that no one else can in our home. Her artwork makes me smile.

My little man loves sports and enjoys art as well. Yet, when I hear him play his trumpet, I am blown away. Not because of the decibel level, but because of the beauty I hear in his music. My heart melts at his melody. I stand next to him in church and watch his body move and listen to his voice swell as his heart lays bare in worship. God has blessed him with a gift of music. His song makes me smile.

My little one digs into her dress up clothes weekly. Her imagination pours into her work, her play, her life. Ask her to tell you a story, and she will retell it in detail and with articulate expression. Our home is filled with drama – some good and some not so good. Her exuberance makes me smile.

Some say that variety is the spice of life. I tend to agree.

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