Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Curiosity Journal

Sorry friends, but my life the past two weeks has been nothing to write home about. I know you are all on pins and needles waiting to hear what I am reading, playing, learning, and reacting to. (You are in a sad state if that is true.) As a growing Christian woman, I am doing all those things on various levels. Writing this post has helped me reflect on my time spent, and it challenges me to make the moments count more than they have. I fail horribly many times. Often once I start reading, I fall asleep. When there is a chance to play with one child, another needs a diaper change. My learning is constant, but scattered. I react to life on many different levels in my own little world and the world in which God has placed me. Let me try again to break this down a tad more – if only for my sake.

I am reading . . .

My hubby and I are endeavoring to tackle another mystery for the Barnes and Noble book club. This one is huge, though! We were able to each download a copy for only $1 so we don't have to wait for the other to finish. This will be a challenge for sure, but I need to be challenged in a good way. The Moonstone is a mystery mixed with a little romance, or so I think. I hope to finish it in time.

I am playing . . .

We broke out the dominos the other night, and I lost every game. Why we don't play more often is beyond me. From where I sit in this bookstore, I see a game display with games I have never noticed before. There are so many options available. Of course, there are already many games presently taking up space in our home. Making the time to sit and play them is what I need to do. Anyone out there want to plan a game night? I will host it.

I am learning . . .

On another silly note, I learned how to turn on the Wii and play a video from Netflix. Since we have canceled our cable, we are trying a free month of Netflix. The jury is still out if that is a good option for movies in our home.

I learned the name of a barista that we see weekly. I would spell it except it is Korean. It sounds like G. I have learned that she gave up her career in art to stay in her parents' home to watch her grandmother each day. I could learn much from that commitment.

I am learning that the more I find about the state child welfare system, the more I don't know. It can be so confusing.

I learned this week that my babies' new sibling who will be born in the summer is a little boy.

I learned that the babies are with me for at least another two months.

I am reacting. . .

My heart is saddened for a little girl who lives in Arizona. She is not much younger than my little one. She battled brain cancer last year and has just found out that it has reoccurred. Her treatment options are limited. I cannot even imagine the pain that mother bears. The family knows and loves God, but their hearts are beyond broken. Reading her blog reminds me to thank God for my healthy children and remember that life is a precious gift from God. Our days are precisely numbered by our loving heavenly father. The little girl, Kate, knows that and is a shining testimony of grace in the midst of pain.


So what are you reading, playing, learning, and reacting to? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Kimberly said...

The Barnes and Noble book club? do you meet at the store and discuss the books or is this something you do on your own?