Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sitting With my Little One

I have the unusual privilege of sitting with just my little one this morning. My sweetie took the other five to soccer, and I will catch up with him in an hour or so for game one of three today. In the meantime, I thought I would write a bit of what swims in the mind of a six year old little girl.

She says,

I have already written about spring and winter. I think I will write about summer. I love summer. I go to the beach. I play in the water. I love boogie boarding, The sand sculpting contest is fun, and I got third place. My friend made up sandscreen because she said you can't get sun if you are covered with sand. At the beach, my friends accidentally splashed me with mud when we dug so deep into water. I couldn't see, and then I found Mom. One time my grandma burned the tea bags (when we were at the beach house). It was funny. I accidentally fell on Emily when we were playing in our bedroom at the beach house.

This reminds me of when I found a baby turtle. My sister had to make a pool in the sand for my turtle. I found it at a different beach. I thought we could take care of it for one day. My little cousin was upset when we had to let the turtle go. It was hard to figure out if it was a snapping turtle or a non snapping turtle. The turtle wanted to go out of its pool. My other little cousin wanted me to do a belly flop into the water (at the beach). I used my brother's flippers when I did it. I made up jumps called the twirl-a-whirl and the barking dog.

I love summer. The end.

That was fun. I am glad that I took the time to listen to what my little one was thinking. Quiet is a good thing sometimes, so we can listen to what is really important like summer, sandscreen, and turtles.

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