Monday, October 4, 2010


Rain continued to fall as I entered the bookstore to meet a sweet friend for tea, conversation, and prayer. I should have looked at my messages sooner, however. Our meeting would have to be rescheduled because my friend was sick. Should I stay? Should I leave? I chose to stay and take advantage of a few quiet minutes to read as well as jot down a few things that I was thankful for. Rain . . . Mondays . . . cancelled plans . . .

Reading beautifully illustrated children's books

Sleeping babies

A toddler's gentle resolve after a timeout

Baby smiles, toddler smiles, kid smiles, teen smiles

Strong families

Errands that can be done quickly

Warm brownies

Date nights

New homeschooling friends

Lessons in grace both taught and learned

Mercy poured into my life




1 comment:

monica said...

amen! all good things.

you are one busy mama! what an age range in your house!


ps fostering is such a needed ministry. praying you continue to help those kids the Lord brings into your life