Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Football rears its head. Baseball saunters proudly into October. Even hockey enters preseason. Each sport brings its share of salaries, agents, TV coverage, coaching changes, trades, and yes, teamwork. Team Schroll entered their season in late August. There were no trades or coaching changes, but there were two temporary acquisitions. If you have followed blog coverage for the team, none of this is new to you. As we plug along, teamwork presents as a critical part of the success of this season of our life.

Our team began with two parents and four children as well as extended family who are always willing to fill a need or be a sub in a pinch. Our team worked smoothly. It quickly expanded, though, to social workers, doctors, specialists, early intervention workers, lawyers, and judges. My role as mom and teacher on that team became stretched. I now had a more detailed managerial role. I needed to become a better student of the game. I have to learn daily the new rules of the game, how to play by the playbook, how to improve my swing, and what it takes to build up my endurance.

Teamwork, though, is what I keeps pricking my heart and mind. Not all members are using the same playbook sometimes, and it can be frustrating. However, my initial team of those who are closest to me is proving to be hall of fame material. My sweetie, who works so hard at his job, came home tonight ready to relieve me at my position. He finished the dishes and sent me out for some quiet time to regroup and to write (something that I have wanted to do for a while). Mind you, this left him with the babies and our two youngest children. I was still the chauffer for the older girls whom I took to youth group at church.

My kids have played their various positions in stellar ways. All but my little one can change diapers (even dirty ones). My angel is an expert at giving babies baths. They all have filled roles of bottle maker, playmate, and diaper bag carrier. They are learning the ins and outs of loving and teaching these babies who so desperately needed someone to pay attention to them.

Many have commented that I am a tad busy, which I think is code for crazy. I tell them that I could not do this without the team my Owner has put together. My family amazes me with their star quality efforts this season. I am truly blessed to be part of this amazing team. I know that whatever the outcome of this season, we will have made memories, learned together, and shared our life with anyone who is willing to watch or be a part of our team.

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Mrs. Susan Bowman said...

I love to see how God is using all this to grow your whole team!