Sunday, June 6, 2010


My Princess loves dressing up. Angel . . .not so much. Finding a dress for Princess is a treat. Shopping with Angel is torture. She claims she was good, but that is up for debate.

Seriously, though, our church offers a fun weekend: an elegant dinner, walking on the boards at Ocean City, overnight in Ocean City, and a day on the beach.

We dropped the girls off at church for photo-ops. The ever-awkward standing around waiting for things to get started lasted only a half hour, and off they went. I am so thankful for good friends for my kids and am convinced that is essential. I have told them many times, "Friends will influence you to do right, and they will influence you to do wrong. Choose wisely."

The girls came back a little sunburned and a lot tired. Angel hung up her skirt for another year (she honestly hates dressing up). We went on with our busy weekend.

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