Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leave it to the Imagination

I enjoyed a rare evening getting my hair done. Rebekah brightened it up a bit and gave me a little bit more perk. As I was sitting, relaxing, and watching Rebekah work her magic on my hair, I couldn't help but notice a few people crowded around a wash basin. I overheard green. Did she really say green? Seriously, people. Upon further questioning, I found out that a young girl was getting the green taken out of her hair, and turquoise put it. Now, it's worth noting that this poor girl's head would not be totally turquoise. There were some sections (previously another color – who knows what) that would be blond. Her roots were obviously black. I wish that I could have seen the final product, but I needed to get home. Just leave it to your imagination.

On a serious note, this young girl appeared not to know what she wanted except attention. Her face was harsh. Her black knee socks were covered in sad emoticons. I wonder what was beneath that hard exterior. What was going on in her head and heart? What, if anything, could I say that would encourage her or make her smile? I will never see this girl again. I missed an opportunity.

I don't usually say much when I get my hair done. Today, much was said in the silence.



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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading through your blog this evening. Some I can identify with like this post about missed words…. I have done the same. Sometimes I just can’t get it out of my head, why did you let that go? I have to trust God will place someone else someone more equipped than me to do the job. I have been married to my high school sweetie for 27 years and am a mother of two one boy married off now for two years and a daughter getting married this Aug. So I enjoy the stories (and reminiscing back to my own) about your darlings. I have also had many miscarriages and understand you’re hurt. I saved this page on my tool bar and will be part of my daily readings. I send ya some hellos every now and then. Til then God bless you and your dear family.