Sunday, June 6, 2010

Good Times

We get to Memorial Day, and we cheer. Another year of formal schooling successfully completed. However, I do remind the kids that we never stop learning, reading, thinking, and writing.

We traveled to Ohio to start our summer break. Ten kids and six adults in one house for three days: sounds like fun, huh? Actually, it was. I was treated to pleasant attitudes, fun games (the adults won both of the kick ball games), hard working kids, easy meals, and even a brief nap. This trip has become quite the tradition and a weekend that the kids plan for months. My plan included an evening at the coffee shop with my sister and sister-in-law. What a treat to sit on the couch with a mocha latte sharing a few moments away from the craziness with these two special ladies. I think the guys are catching on and are planning a golf outing for next year.

Our flower sales were down at the flea market, but the kids made a record amount in tips for their deliveries. I am proud of their hard work.

The eight-hour trip home was quiet. I think that my little man was asleep before we even hit the highway. We pulled into the driveway, emptied out only the essentials, and went to bed exhausted, but grateful for another great weekend with family.

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