Tuesday, June 8, 2010


holy experience

I feel behind in my gratitude list. Why is it that busyness too often trumps expressing a grateful heart?

God commands that in everything we should give thanks. Honestly, last week was not a good week of thanks for me. My heart was heavy, my stomach turned, and I just wanted to hide. I thank God that he has lifted me out of that yuck. A grateful heart changes things.


Cool breezes

Yo-yo tricks

A canopy to block the intense sun at a baseball game

Smiles of little boys who came in as underdogs and came out as winners

Sharing a cheese steak with my sweetie

Wow verses in God's Word

Clean closets (at least one)

Pool parties

Safe bus trips

My little one's heart that loves to sing even in a restaurant

Gift cards

Coffee with friends

Transportation help from my dad

Wild flowers on the side of the road

Three kids sharing backyard picnics on beach towels


Annesta said...

It's a wonderful list of gratitude that you have put up! What a blessing to stop by and read all that God is doing in your life.
I join you in gratitude for coffee with friends,wild flowers that are given us by the Creator and Wow verses to encourage our hearts.
Thank you for blessing my heart!

monica @ paperbridges said...

yes! coffee with friends. that's one of my favorites too