Monday, May 24, 2010

Gratitude on a Rainy Monday (Again)

holy experience

OK, so I am having difficulty here. Can you tell by my title? I will remind myself (and you, if you want to listen) that having a grateful heart changes my perspective. Today, my perspective needs a change.


LORD, thank you for:

Blue jays and crimson red cardinals

New growth

Lessons learned

Truth taught from the pulpit with love

Powerful Scripture

Promises kept

Long naps



Future hope





Tammie said...

:) i love the rain, which is good since we've been having a few days of it.

i hope you get enough but not too much.

Annesta said...

I join you in gratitude for blue jays and crimson red cardinals, for lessons learned and for those who proclaim truth from the pulpit.
Enjoyed visiting your blog.

Karelin said...

I agree that some days, praise is a sacrifice of myself... You did great in finding the blessings. May your rain bring new growth! Aloha *;)