Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Thoughts

I posted a challenge to myself and any who would read – how was I going to make Easter different this year? This challenge has reverberated in my mind. My kids have been challenged. God is good.

I enjoyed a few quiet moments the other day and took the chance to jot some ideas down. What are the facts of Easter? What truly happened that day? Bear with me as I think with my fingers.

    Christ was sinless, and yet he was arrested, charged, tried, and convicted to a cruel death on the cross – He was physically abused – Some of his closest friends turned on him – His mother stayed by him at the cross – Christ forgave even in his pain – He suffered the break of a relationship with his father because of my sin – He spent hours praying knowing that he was going to die – Christ knew his purpose – He was in the grave for three days just as he said he would be – A sealed tomb was no match for God – Christ death affected the entire universe, the ground shook, and the sky went dark

So what?

I asked my kids this question the other day: What does it mean to us that Christ is not in the grave?

Again, please indulge me in my thoughts.

    Easter means: sin has no power over me – God provided salvation so I could go to heaven – Death was conquered – An empty tomb means that God is alive – Jesus really did die – His death brought pain, tears, and fear – His resurrection brought hope and freedom – You can't have resurrection without death first – You can't feel the true meaning of hope until you know the reality of despair – God's love was purposeful, sacrificial, and active – Christ's resurrection means that I can have a relationship with a personal , living God.

We have the candy and the baskets thanks to Grandma, and we enjoy the treats. My cream puffs flopped and turned into a picture of an empty tomb. My princess has an empty tomb display in our kitchen, and is planning to make Easter cookies this weekend. My little one has enjoyed listening to many books about Easter. In addition, my princess has been able to share Christ with someone in her art class, and My sweetie was able to share Christ at work.

Easter is essential. It should make a difference in my life. Does it? That is the challenge for every day.

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mmm very good post very thought provoking for sure