Saturday, March 20, 2010

Easter Preparation

While brushing my teeth, while setting the table, while doing laundry, my mind has rattled with thoughts of Easter. Strange, huh? Easter cannot be another day of the week, nor can it be a holiday of bunnies, chicks, and candy. I am all for chocolate, mind you, but there needs to be more. How do I feed that hunger for more in my home?

I am anticipating a challenging Easter. It seems that holidays are just tough this year. That, however, is no reason not to remember and celebrate the awesomeness of the day. As I look forward to the next two weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, how am I going to prepare my heart and lead my kids in preparing theirs?

This site piqued my interest. Music is also a powerful tool. God's Word on CD while we are driving from place to place is effective. We talk a lot in our home, and this season is no different. I don't want to simply recount the facts, though. I want this Easter to be different. I just haven't figured out how, yet.

What are some things you do in your home to lead your children to a deeper love for God, especially in this Easter season?


He & Me + 3 said...

Good question. It usually is about the facts isn't it? we have the resurrection eggs...but that is about the facts too. I am anxious to see what others say.

Karen Parker said...

Sandy, I love reading your blog! I remembered something we've done only a couple of times to celebrate Easter.

I am not a morning person, but one year we were vacationing in Hawaii and I found a church with a sunrise service near the beach. It was an awesome experience to watch the sun rise as we worshipped the Son.

This year we have been invited to a friend's home for a sunrise service that they do every year. They invite church friends but also neighbors and unchurched friends for an informal service in their backyard...and then serve breakfast.

I don't get up easily in the morning but something about Easter makes me WANT's a tiny sacrifice I can make in His honor...even if I'm not in Hawaii. ;)

Sandy said...

Karen, that sounds like an awesome time of worship. I did that growing up in HH. HHBC had a sunrise service at the Dell down in the park.
Mimi, the resurrection eggs are a great way to tell the story.